Air Ambulance in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Air ambulance service is going to be in operation within few weeks as per Michelle O’ Neil who is the Health minister of the place. As per the starting of the project, they are planning to have two air ambulances available 24×7 across Northern Ireland. These air ambulances are going to work based out of Maze Long Kesh Site which is found exterior to Lisburn. It is estimates that about 50 lives can be saved in an year with the help of the HEMS – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service.

Michelle has announced that the service is supposed to commence within another 12 weeks. It is not something that happened all in a sudden but out of the work and struggles from many people who were demanding such an ambulance system from a long time. It is mainly done in the memory of Dr. Hinds who was a consultant anesthetist and more precisely was called as flying doctor as he was there to do so much of emergency support during the high speed races like North West 200. He died in motorcycle crash when he was providing volunteer medical cover and his partner Dr Janet Acheson was doing the campaigning work. Dr Janet Acheson who was his partner then lead the whole struggle for the higher speed races.

The service is something that is going to be a great way so many lives could be saved with very emergency and quick support. The support that was given by local and public businesses were just amazing and it is also necessary that all these things should be supported. The funds for running the operation is expected to be collected from the generous local people as they really understand the need and use of such a service. Equipment and medical staff may be provided as well as funded by social care and health services.


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