Final Donations

We would like to thank everyone who has donated in any way to our event; we have felt extremely supported all the way through and the public has been amazing with its generosity and donations. The current final donation total is £5342. We are going to keep the online and text ways of donating open until Friday 31th May when i will post the Final Total.

The Final Steps
To support us through the last 6.8 miles we were joined by 8 of the lads from Hasler Company.
I would like to thanks Sgt Rickard and the lads for showing their support and we all agree it was a great privilege to meet the guys and see where hopefully our donations will end up.
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Day 14 completed, the end is here!!
355 miles, 14 days, thousands of steps and a whole lot of pain!!
Today saw us complete all 355 miles with Lt Jack Nicholson walking every step carrying the stretcher. We set off from Ivybridge this morning with the addition of Olympian Mne Chris Sherrington (Judo) who was the master of getting donations from anybody and everybody. We met the lads from Hasler company with 6.8 miles to go and a huge thank you must given to them for turning out and supporting our event, with some of them today walking the furthest they have since being injured which truly inspired us to complete our challenge. We finished at Hasler Company in HMS Drake at 12:45, Jack’s legs carried him to the finish line and all the team members are now bathed, fed, watered and ready for a very well earned sleep.

Thank you all for supporting our event and donating so much; I will upload more photos tomorrow and update the site with the final donation figure.


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