The Team

Event Leader and Organiser – Lieutenant ‘Jack’ Nicholson Royal Navy
Jack Joined the Royal Navy in 1997 as a Medic and after almost 12 years in the ranks, and having served in 3 ships, he commissioned as a Medical Services Officer and has since completed 2 tours of Afghanistan. Jack led a smaller stretcher carry event to successful completion in 2010, raising £10,000 for the Royal British Legion. Jack aims complete every step of the 360 mile journey and double the amount raised during the last event.

Event Organiser – Petty Officer Medical Assistant ‘Mogsy’ Long Royal Navy
Mogsy joined the Royal Navy in 2004 and has spent the majority of his career working with Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan and deployed to the gulf as the medical branch rating onboard ship. Mogsy has been heavily involved with co-ordination and administration running up to the event, and as well as taking part in some legs of the journey will drive the event vehicle ensuring Jack and the team are safe and properly supported.
Jack and Mogsy will be joined along the way by a number of people who will complete stages of the event and keep the team going right to the end.

Captain Neil Wagstaff Royal Navy
Neil has only been in the Royal Navy for 33 years during which brief time he has completed many roles both ashore and afloat including Operations in Iraq and Sierra Leone. Currently Deputy Commander of the Defence Medical Group (which includes 2 key way points of the challenge: RCDM and DMRC) and is also the Head of the Medical Services Branch. Neil is extremely happy to add his support to this challenge and carry the stretcher when he can.

Surgeon Commander Rob Milner Royal Navy
Rob joined the Navy in 1994 and spent his general duties time with commando forces. After training in general medicine Rob went on to specialise in occupational medicine.
Rob has deployed to Northern Ireland, Op Telic 1 and Afghanistan twice. He is a survivor of the last stretcher carry in 2010 but is now 2 inches shorter because of it.

Lieutenant Commander Pete Selwood Royal Navy
Pete Selwood has been in the Royal Navy for 22 years. During this time he has qualified and worked as an Operating Theatre Nurse and Nurse Teacher, completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
One of life’s plodders, he may not be the fastest but is determined to complete the stages on this stretcher carry that he is involved in.

Lieutenant Commander Mark Middleton Royal Navy
Mark joined the Royal Navy in 1996 as a Medical Assistant. Having spent the best part of 9 years working alongside the Royal Marines, providing them medical support around the globe, he commissioned as a Medical Services Officer in 2005. Since commissioning Mark has completed a further 2 tours in Iraq and 3 tours in Afghanistan and has recently been promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Mark enjoys skiing and sailing and needs to be far fitter than he currently is to attempt this challenge.

Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Iain Wood Royal Navy
Iain initially served as a Marine in the Royal Marines Reserve whilst at medical school in 1998. In 2002 he commissioned in the Royal Navy on a medical cadetship. Having qualified as a doctor and served out his ‘apprenticeship’ in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, he then spent a year as a Ships’ Doctor in the Far East.
He finally started really earning his keep as Medical Officer in 40 Commando Royal Marines, with whom he served during a busy tour in Afghanistan. It was there that his path first crossed with Jack and his experience there is the main driving force for being so eager to be part of this event.

Squadron Leader Ruth Boddy RAF
Ruth joined the RN as a medical student in 2001 and had a varied 11 year career, incorporating four sea deployments. After a six month career break spent working in a South African trauma unit, she returned to the RN. In 2012 Ruth defected from the RN to join the RAF in order to pursue a career in General Practice. Ruth was part of the original stretcher carrying team in 2010, and despite her change of uniform we are glad to have her back to help in our 2013 venture!

Lieutenant Karen McCullough Royal Navy
Karen joined the Royal Navy in 2004 as part of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS). An Intensive Care nurse with a speciality in neuroscience she has spent a number of years working in Derriford hospital, Gibraltar, London, she has completed one tour of Afghanistan and has just returned from a 7 ½ month deployment on the RFA Argus where she is the Hospital Officer on board. Karen loves to push her self and is relishing the challenge of the Stretcher Carry.

Colour Sergeant “Badger” Whittle Royal Marines
Badger joined the Royal Marines in 2002 and in his busy career has completed deployments to Northern Ireland, Iraq and more twice to Afghanistan with 45 Cdo RM.
Badger is always up for doing anything to ‘help the lads’ and when Jack asked him to be involved, he jumped at the chance of some free phys.

Petty Officer Medical Assistant Kieron Duggan Royal Navy
Kieron joined the navy in 2002, he has deployed with 6ASRM as the ABU medic onboard HMS ALBION, then on completion of ODP training, deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 as a theatre practitioner, he has recently been promoted to Petty Officer and works in operating theatres at RCDM. Kieron is very keen to be involved and is looking forward to carrying the stretcher in the early stages of the event setting out from his parent unit.

Petty Officer Medical Assistant Clare Williams Royal Navy
Clare has been in the Navy for 14 years during which time she has had 3 ships as a medic. In 2011 she deployed to Afghanistan where she worked alongside 45 Cdo Royal Marines as a patrol medic. Since returning from Afghanistan she has been working at HMS Collingwood as the Deputy Practice manager. She is very honoured to be asked to be part of this fantastic event and is looking forward to the challenge.

Petty Officer Naval Nurse Yannick ‘Pooch’ Hosie Royal Navy
Yannick joined the Royal Navy just over 10 years ago and undertook his nursing degree at the Royal Hospital Haslar on the final course to pass out there before it’s closure. He deployed with Jack to Afghanistan as part of the Joint Medical Group in both a command role but also in his role as Ophthalmic Nurse Specialist. Yannick was pleased to be able to be taking part in the two legs closest to passing through his home county of Dorset.

Leading Medical Assistant Lucy Thompson Royal Navy
Lucy joined the Royal Navy in 2004 as a Medic. Since completing her training, she has been to sea on HMS Bulwark and completed a tour of Afghanistan as a patrol medic! Lucy has just returned from a six month deployment on RFA Fort Victoria and now works for Jack at MDHU Portsmouth. Lucy jumped at the chance to play a part in the stretcher carry after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan and being lucky enough to escape with fairly minor injuries.

Leading Naval Nurse Becky McAllister Royal Navy
Becky joined the Royal Navy in 2002 as a Medic before transferring to Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service in 2004. She specialised in Critical Care in 2010 before deploying to Afghanistan in 2011. Becky is currently working in Neuro ITU at MDHU Derriford, having previously worked at RCDM, MDHU Portsmouth and DMRC Headley Court. Becky has previously participated in Royal Navy Royal Marine Triathlons and completed a marathon so is well suited to this challenge.

Leading Medical Assistant Andrew Howat Royal Navy
Andy joined the Royal Navy in 2005 and since then he has served as a medic in a number of places around the world including Brunei and the Falklands as well as 2 tours of Afghanistan with 40 Cdo RM and 42 Cdo RM respectively. Andy is very keen to be taking part and will be covering the final 3 stages of the stretcher carry.